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... extraordinary, attractive buildings for demanding builders ...

PEDRO went through innovation in 2011, by which a new generation of plastic connections and additional elements were introduced. The innovated and new elements enriched the variability and possibilities of building considerably. Besides the 16 diverse types of wooden elements with accurate cuts, the construction set consists of 5 types of plastic connections with improved characteristics and interesting design 5 new plastic elements (propeller, hook and axles of different length).

All the elements make it possible to create a huge amount of various buildings, such as animals, vehicles, buildings, persons and other objects, by which all of them have very attractive design and size. Newly added elements opened up possibilities of mutual connecting of elements and, besides other advantages, they enable a movable connection.

Construction set PEDRO is a little bit more complicated and thus demanding for logics of connection and forecasting of steps, and that is why we recommend it for kid from 6 years of age. This construction set incredibly helps to develop spatial imagination, motorics, logics and creativity of children and we are sure that after gaining skills and handiness with various elements, the small (as well as bigger) builders will be able to create extraordinary buildings.

PEDRO is available in 4 size variations of packaging, which content from 105 to 495 elements. In each package, there are building guideline for first inspiration and understanding of the principles of mutual connection of the elements.

Pedro Packaging
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