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Pedro Packaging

Construction set PEDRO is a little bit more complicated and thus demanding for logics of connection and forecasting of steps, and that is why we recommend it for kids from 6 years of age. PEDRO is available in 4 size variations of packaging, which content from 105 to 495 elements. In each package, there are building guideline for first inspiration and understanding of the principles of mutual connection of the elements.

Pedro mini

Pedro Mini

Number of elements: 105

Weight: 1,5 kg

Dimensions:  85 x 190 x 240 mm

Pedro midi

Pedro Midi

Number of elements: 215

Weight: 3,0 kg

Dimensions: 85 x 240 x 375 mm

Pedro maxi

Pedro 350

Number of elements: 350

Weight: 4,5 kg

Dimensions: 170 x 280 x 360 mm

Pedro giga

Pedro 530

Number of elements: 495

Weight: 8,4 kg

Dimensions: 170 x 400 x 590 mm